About Permatech





Indeed, it was founded to create an entirely new product in the casting industry—asbestos-free, precast refractory components. Created as it was to pioneer a new idea, the company didn’t stop there. In the nearly four decades since, Permatech has introduced one new idea after another.

Our breakthroughs have made the impossible possible— creating products that are precisely accurate and usually at a lower cost than now-outmoded solutions. Our organization is charged with the energy of innovation, which brings our customers two great advantages. First, when they need something that hasn’t been done before, they know they’re talking to people who are process driven and have all of the procedures in place and relish the challenge of being the first to solve a problem. Second, if the job is a conventional one, our customers know we’ve got the capabilities and the capacity to meet their demands and assurance that the best people in the industry are working on it—the ones who have chosen to work at a visionary company—and who will bring all their expertise to bear on completing the project efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Permatech brand is built on four distinct components: innovationprocess disciplinesproduct accuracy and capacity. Our goal is to bring these key advantages to our customers in the services and products we deliver






PERMATECH Inc. began as an Alcoa research project in 1972 to develop precast ceramic substitutes for asbestos containing shapes in aluminum casting applications. In 1986, the facility was relocated to its current location in North Carolina, and was formally established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcoa. In December of 2003, Permatech Inc. was acquired by two of the former company managers.
Today, PERMATECH Inc. operates as a privately-owned entity that is dedicated to perpetuating the core business values and technology that have established the organization as the recognized global leader in the manufacture of precast refractory components and the engineering of molten aluminum handling systems for aluminum cast-house applications.